At our headquarters in the Lusciano Tennis Club, we have a stringing laboratory, in which our qualified ERSA certified Stringer operates on the racquets of athletes and amateurs, using not only our strings but those of the best brands on the market.


Our club is now a specialized center for stringing.

We have at our members’ disposal a BABOLAT SENSOR EXPERT II professional automatic machine, equipped with an electromagnet plate to block the racket frame effectively and efficiently, avoiding drops in tension and variation during the run, and able to select the tension with variations of just 100gr.

We are also equipped with a wide range of string of the best brands.

Moreover, for our members, it is possible to constantly monitor the tension drop of the strings, through an instrument still little used in Europe, but very widespread in the APT and WTA circuit, the ERT 300, able to measure the dynamic tension. Finally, remember that the added value of our service, is the Database cords, or the storage service of all our arrays, so you can make comparisons at any time and ensure continuity of work over time, avoiding that you forget about tensions and string.

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